I started writing music during my teens and early twenties with various bands, indie and jazz. It wasn't until I hit my late twenties that I started writing music independently as a solo artist, and I quickly realised that I really enjoyed it. 


My first release, 'Raise A Glass This Christmas' was written in the memory of two very dear friends who passed suddenly during the previous year. It felt right to release the song at that time, with all that has happened with the global pandemic, and  I have been very grateful for the messages I have received from people who have said the song brought them comfort as they spend the holidays without loved ones of their own.

My next two releases are from a collection of what I call 'lifesongs' - songs which I know many will feel connections with as 'we have all been there' so to speak.


'All My All' is due for release very soon.

Singing & Piano

I trained in contemporary vocals and musical theatre from a young age and piano even younger.

I really do love a hell of a lot of different music styles, from 80s rock, country, jazz, golden era and modern musicals, and contemporary pop. 

I think my eclectic tastes are reflected in my voice, so I don't have a specific style. I prefer to sing how I feel a song should be sung, to best connect with the sentiment and intention of the lyrics and music.

Photo by Derren Lee Poole © 2021